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Cleaning companies Birmingham

Cleaning companies Birmingham

Cleaning Services is based in the heart of Birmingham. we provide high quality office cleaning and deep cleaning for a range of businesses across the West Midlands. Our services include daily office cleaning for keeping your business premises hygienically clean and tidy, as well as window cleaning, washroom hygiene and waste management. As we have many years of expertise in our sector, we can also provide specialist cleaning services such as upholstery washing and the removal of sharps and body fluids
So whether you need to keep a commercial space clean and hygienic for professional reasons or you share a residential block and you are sick of returning home via a dark, cluttered and dusty communal area, we can help
Our service can mean a substantial rise in the cleanliness of your surrounding and a drop in aggravation levels between tenants
Our rates are very completive and when split between various tenants the above mentioned benefits can be achieved with very little expense 
A key to reliable service comes from well trained and consistent staff. Minster cleaning services in Birmingham

Our service cleaning:
• Daily office cleaning
• Window cleaning, including high level. Our operators have many years of experience and training in the use of specialist access equipment
• Carpet and upholstery cleaning
• Deep cleaning to washrooms and toilet areas
• Light cleaning
• Needles-syringes-sharps-bodily fluids and waste removal are dealt with and disposed of safely by personnel who are trained and equipped to perform these specific tasks
• Specialized cleaning and treatments to most types of floor finishes
• Commercial Estate cleaning and maintenance
• Consumables
• Dust control matting
• Washroom hygiene
• Waste management
We cover the whole of Birmingham ( handsworth , Smethwick, Perry common , …)
If you would like to get in touch with the team at Acme to discuss further, please call and one of the team will be happy to help you.